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African Network on International Criminal Justice (ANICJ)

What is the ANICJ?

The African Network on International Criminal Justice (ANICJ) is an informal network comprising of African and international civil society organisations dealing with human rights, the rule of law and international criminal justice. The purpose of the network is to improve the ability of civil society to help end impunity and to protect human rights by promoting accountability for international crimes at national, regional and international level. As an informal network, ANICJ connects a range of organisations through this website, and through the ad hoc exchange of information and documents as well as advocacy and lobbying initiatives.

Origin of the network

The idea for establishing the network originated in the International Crime in Africa Programme (ICAP) at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in Pretoria. This led to ICAP hosting a meeting in May 2009 of African-based civil society organisations and individuals working in the field, to discuss the concept. The meeting was attended by representatives from: Advocates for Public and International Law (Uganda), Africa Legal Aid (Ghana), Association Africaine de Defense de Droits de l`­Homme (DRC), Central African Republic Coalition of the International Criminal Court, East African Law Society, Human Rights Watch, Institute for Security Studies, SADC Lawyers Association, Southern Africa Litigation Centre and the West African Bar Association.

Aims of the network 

The ANICJ aims to raise awareness about international criminal justice and its role in promoting peace, stability and the rule of law in Africa among the public, the media, criminal justice officials, policy makers and political leaders. It also aims to encourage decision makers to support the principles of international criminal justice and to take steps to enable its functioning at national, regional and international level.

Network secretariat

ICAP serves as the secretariat of the ANICJ and is responsible for management of this web portal. ICAP aims to enhance peace, justice and accountability in Africa by raising awareness and building capacity to respond to the most serious international crimes, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and terrorism. This objective supports the ISS`­s overall goal of promoting a stable and peaceful Africa characterised by sustainable development, human rights, rule of law, democracy and collaborative security.

Contact information

ANICJ Coordinator



International Association of Prosecutors - IAP



The strategic committee members who serve on the APA executive are:

  • Adv. Taswald July –Namibia,
  • Dr Gilberto Mizalque - Angola
  • Dr Eduarda Rodriguese Neto- Angola
  • Dr Dominghos - Angola
  • Dr. Generoso – Mozambique,
  • Adv. Thoko Majokweni South Africa, and
  • Mr. Dawood Adam – South Africa.
  • Adv Amos Ngolobe - Uganda
  1. Ms Genevieve Devereux - South Africa
  2. Mr Jorge Libilo – Mozambique
  3. Ms Nucia das Esperancas Chaile - Mozambique



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