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Environmental Crime Prosecution Programme


The Environmental Crime Prosecution Programme has not been uploaded to the new site yet, for further information on this programme, please contact us.

The purposes of the E.C.P.P. (W.E.S.O.), in full respect of the United Nations principles, are:

a) To provide means for the cooperation among Governments in the fields of governmental regulation; to encourage and facilitate the general adoption of the highest practicable standards in matters concerning environmental protection, efficiency of enforcement, prevention and control of environmental crime; to deal with administrative and legal matters related to the purposes set out in this Article;

b) To provide for the consideration by the E.C.P.P. (W.E.S.O.) of any matters concerning environment and the effect of crime on the environment that may have on it, by any organ or bodies at a regional, national or international level;

c) To provide for the exchange of information among Governments and IGOs on matters under consideration by the E.C.P.P. (W.E.S.O.)

d) To contribute, through the abovementioned instruments, to world environmental security.